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/ Saturday, January 28, 2012 /
Congratulations Tré + Brittney! 

We are happy to announce that our Couple Story Giveaway goes to Tré & Brittney -

Get to know their story:

"We met the day he got home from his mission on July 27, 2011. 
He came into the Quiksilver store where I work and he had worked before he
had left on his mission. The girls that worked there had been planning our
set up for months before he got back, so when he came in for the first
time I was ambushed with questions from the girls about my impression
of him. I thought he was really cute and he was felt the same, but was
too shy to really talk to me. He got his job back at the store and we
started talking for a few weeks here and there before I asked him to
go with me to the Lupe Fiasco concert in Salt Lake. I guess me making
the first move gave him the courage to finally ask me out. We started
dating steadily in September and knew pretty fast we were put into
each others lives at that time for a reason. 

We've planning our wedding for August 17, 2012 in the Salt Lake temple."


We'd like to thank everyone that participated in this giveaway.

Be sure to keep following us, because there will be another giveaway real soon!
--Definitely within the next couple months ;)

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